First of all, welcome. We're glad you're here!

This is a place where God meets people who aren’t perfect, and no matter where you are on your personal spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

We know it can be somewhat intimidating entering into a new environment, but we are glad that you are interested in visiting our church. To help you get to know us and give you a glimpse 0f what you can expect, we have answered some general questions about our church and what we do.

What time is your worship service?



Where do you meet?

We meet at the 5th Avenue Church in Eugene, 475 W. 5th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401.

Where should I park?

The building we meet at has its own parking lot with easy access to the main entrance.

What should I expect?

Our worship service lasts about 90 minutes. Our service includes singing, hearing testimonies, prayer, and a gospel-centered message from the Bible. The music is most often a mix of hymns and modern worship songs. On the first and third Saturdays of the month, we have a vegetarian meal after the service that everyone is invited to. You should definitely stay and hang out.

Is there a program for my kids?

Yes. At Storyline, kids experience safe, age-appropriate, gospel-centered lessons and activities where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way. We offer programs for kids from birth through high school. 

We also provide kids church at 11:30am during our worship service. Parents are free to bring their children into the worship service or take them to our kids church right before the message begins during the service. We'll make an announcement when the time comes. Be sure to check out our Storyline Kids + Youth page for more info.